• Small Talk…..Big Ideas

    By Jane St. Pierre

    We’ve heard the clichés – “It takes a village…” and “We are all in this together” – and they are both TRUTH!  However, as I glance around in grocery lines, in waiting rooms, and other areas that are ideal for making personal connections with others, all that I see are bent necks […]

  • Learn about Voting as a Family

    Kids with learning disabilities need lots of practice and hands on activities to learn difficult concepts.Check out this fun voting project to teaching voting principles and stimulate civics discussion for all age groups. 1.  Introduce different kinds of governments Vocabulary:

    Benevolent dictator – leader is decision maker who makes decisions in the best interest of the people (example:  Mommy and […]

  • Opening schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    To our educator heroes on opening schools during a pandemic,

    I can only imagine the stress you feel as you face the challenges of trying to open schools during a pandemic. You are truly heroes. All our kids, but especially those with learning disabilities, really need to get back to school for their educational advancement, mental […]

  • Back to School 2020 – 2021

    By Jenny Hasting

    As the school year approaches, we understand more clearly how the pandemic will affect our children’s re-entry to school. And it is clear that it will not be “ordinary”. Our school officials have given serious consideration to the health and safety of the students and school personnel but many unknowns remain. Our best […]

  • Dear LD Kid Headed to College

    by Georgann Mire

    College is scary for everyone but especially for kids with learning disabilities.  You’ve probably heard all your lives about how important college is for your future and also how hard it will be – especially for you.  I’ve had a lot of experience in higher education because I was a nontraditional student who […]

  • Help LD Kids! Attend free CW Austin LD Conference

    Are you interested in improving our community by providing appropriate education to all students?  Attendance at the free C W Austin Learning Disabilities Conference is a step forward for you.  Coming together at the free C W Austin LD Conference with parents and professionals is a vital step in the process.  The Greater Baton Rouge Learning Disabilities Coalition […]

  • Collaborative Efforts in Language and Literacy from the Perspective a Graduate Student with a Learning Disability

    By Caitlin Callais, B.A., Communication Sciences and Disorders, Graduate Student Clinician

    As a first-year graduate student, I am continuing to learn from professors and my hands-on clinical experiences about the important relationship between oral and written language. While I could sit here and pile loads of “fancy” information on you, I want you to take a step […]

  • 2019 Joint Conference with LATM and LSTA

    The Greater Baton Rouge Learning Disabilities Coalition is honored to partner with the Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics (LATM) and the Louisiana Science Teachers Association (LSTA) at their 2019 Joint Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, November 4th – 5th at the Baton Rouge River Center https://lsta.info/annual-conference.  The conference expects approximately 1000 formal and informal […]