2019 Joint Conference with LATM and LSTA

The Greater Baton Rouge Learning Disabilities Coalition is honored to partner with the Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics (LATM) and the Louisiana Science Teachers Association (LSTA) at their 2019 Joint Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, November 4th – 5th at the Baton Rouge River Center https://lsta.info/annual-conference.  The conference expects approximately 1000 formal and informal math and science educators and administrators from pre-K through college levels to attend. This annual conference provides professional development and networking opportunities for all math and science educators throughout the state of Louisiana.

We’ll provide a whole day of professional development geared towards instruction for struggling math and science students with 7 experts presenting on a variety of topics of interest to STEM instructors who teach students with learning disabilities. We will host the following presenters in at the conference and invite you to join us!

Session 4: Have I’ve Seen This Before? –  Making Connections by Nell McAnelly

Session 5: Assistive Technology Tools to Support Science and Math by Josh Miller

Session 6: Math Learning & Performance: The Critical Role of Executive Functioning by Randall L. Lemoine, Ph.D.

Session 7: Math Strategies for Dyslexic Students by Desley V. Plaisance, Ph.D.

Session 8: Math Anxiety, the Academic Crutch of the 21st Century: Breaking it Down into its Component Parts and Ending the Drama by William B. Daigle, Ph.D.

Session 9: Conquering Algebra through Multisensory Instruction by Patsy Keenan

Session 10: Experience the Frustration on Learning Disabilities by Georgann Mire

Session 11: Experience the Frustration on Learning Disabilities by Georgann Mire