Once Again: Reflects on the 2019 C W Austin Conference

By Georgann Mire

I hope everyone who attended the 2019 C W Austin LD Conference enjoyed it as much as I did. As I reflect on the event I am glad to report that it was a very special day.

Once again, our amazing team pooled their wealth of talents to create a unique free opportunity to bring together parents and professionals devoted to improving the lives of LD kids.

Once again, 30 presenters donated their valuable free time and wealth of expertise to share their disciplines’ best practices and strategies for LD kids.

Once again, LD kids were a top priority for parents and professionals who attended the conference creating a network of support as they connected with each other and learned from experts.

Once again, a myriad of ingredients came together to shape our conference. The amazing LD ecosystem of helpers flourished at the C W Austin LD Conference and this synergy highlighted the “circle the wagons approach” which benefits these kids and their families.

Once again, we served as a forum for dedicated parents searching for a lifeline. They shared heartbreaking tales of newly diagnosed as well as stories about kids who’ve been drowning for years. Connecting those families to community resources was a privilege because we always see positive benefits every year.

Once again, however, I am disappointed to find that the need continues. Every year, I hope that our efforts will result in a communitywide transformation of our educational system. Our schools should be a refuge for LD kids offering free evidenced based remediation and
accommodations so LD kids can reach their full potential and we just are not there yet.

I am glad to report that our progress remains slow yet steady. Our team continues to join the dedicated LD community to work toward change and progress. I remember when most people didn’t believe dyslexia was real and that accommodations were not fair to students without learning disabilities and those days are gone. Although we still can’t promise every child with learning disabilities an appropriate educational experience in our community, we can promise that the list of adults they can count on to work on their behalf is growing and expanding and that we are never giving up. We are already beginning to plan for next year’s conference! See you there.