New Beginning

Hello – I am the president of the GBRLD Coalition and I want to tell you about some amazing young people. I am the organizer of the C W Austin LD Conference which is sponsored by the Coalition and held on Saturday, February 4, 2017. It was a tremendous success with the largest attendance in our 10 year history as we work to help the 1 in 5 kids in our community with learning disabilities.

We were blessed to have the help of the remarkable digital media students from Lee High School under the direction of their dedicated teacher, Jewell Simon. They volunteered their time and talent to serve their community through this conference. The Lee High School students’ abilities rivaled any professionals in town as they created a comprehensive website complete with a resource section for the community. They developed marketing strategies and implemented them by setting up a morning show spot on WAFB and then arrived before dawn to support this project eloquently in the interview. In addition, the Lee High School students used their creative expertise to produce an imaginative conference logo and branding materials.

These extraordinary teenagers spent their whole Saturday on the day of the conference working and organizing registration as they exhibited their commitment to increasing academic success for LD kids in our community. The students also shot video at the conference and created a promo for next year’s conference.

We met yesterday at their beautiful school to talk about the conference and dream about plans for the future. As always, their infectious enthusiasm was contagious as we brainstormed future projects to help LD kids in our community and showcase their talents. I can’t wait to see what they come up next with because they constantly surprise me with their capacity for excellence. Their commitment and dedication to quality work combined with unselfish altruism serves as a model for everyone. Whenever I drive by the new Lee High School I am very impressed with the beautiful architecture, but I am even more impressed with the digital media students inside!